Mark has a strong sporting background and over 18 years of experience in the Fitness Industry. He is a certified Personal trainer, Fitness Instructor, Strength & Conditioning Coach & Nutritional Specialist. Just a few weeks ago he morphed into the greatest virtual 1-on-1 trainer of all time.

Mark’s training style focuses primarily on functional training, calisthenics, powerlifting and kettlebells. Mark is a weight-loss specialist who has helped thousands of clients achieve significant weight-loss and optimize their fitness and well being. He also specializes in Kick-Boxing, Indian Clubs & Steel Mace Flow.


Meet Jenn! Jenn has been with Me First Fitness since 2014 and has spent the last 7 years getting her clients hot, sweaty and fit! Jenn is known for her mischievous laugh, upbeat personality and specialty classes such as Birthday Burpee Tabata and 12 Days of HIITmas! With certifications in BOSU, TRX, BODYSHRED and Personal Training, Jenn likes to expand her knowledge in torture techniques and broadening her health and fitness related skills. Jenn loves people, music, food and enjoying time at home. Despite being given nicknames from members such as Meanie, Devil Lady and Evil One, Jenn is a sweetheart and prides herself in delivering fun, challenging and entertaining classes. Check her out!


Trisha has found strength and purpose through health, healing and fitness. Kettlebell training has been a huge part of her journey.

She's a certified Kettlebell instructor who has trained under some of the world's best. They don't call her Trisha Bell for nothing, ya know? Actually no one calls her that. We made up the nickname because we needed one and it makes sense.


Brefit as we call her is a social media influencer and certified personal trainer with a love and passion for all things fitness.

She is our newest trainer, virtual coach and bootcamp instructor. She is also one of our youth coaches and teaches elementary school full time!

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