Mark has a strong sporting background and over 18 years of experience in the Fitness Industry. He is a certified Personal trainer, Fitness Instructor, Strength & Conditioning Coach & Nutritional Specialist. Just a few weeks ago he morphed into the greatest virtual 1-on-1 trainer of all time.

Mark’s training style focuses primarily on functional training, calisthenics, powerlifting and kettlebells. Mark is a weight-loss specialist who has helped thousands of clients achieve significant weight-loss and optimize their fitness and well being. He also specializes in Kick-Boxing, Indian Clubs & Steel Mace Flow.


Jenn B is loved by everyone and this crazy amount of social distancing has left her missing her clients more than anything.

On a normal week, Jenn would be teaching classes starting at 6am and finishing up by 9pm, busting her butt 7 days a week. She does this because she loves teaching classes and she loves her members. You can only imagine how excited she is to be able to teach 3 virtual classes a week going forward. Don't be surprised to see 50 or more people in her classes as that love is highly reciprocated.


Miss KT Bird is commonly known for 3 things; her smile, her ability to shake it and her uncanny power to attract men to her Zumba classes!

She is very good at getting people to feel comfortable and out of their comfort zone. It doesn't matter if you have rhythm or not. Just ask some of the boys. Katie makes her Zumba classes fun and challenging (in a good way) for all her participants regardless of their skill, whether pro dancer or beginner. You will sweat a lot, your heart rate may hit the red zone and you'll definitely smile!


Ready to rock-out and workout? Heather has got you covered. She's a rocker chick who loves to dance and workout!

That is the perfect combo to be a successful Pound Fitness Instructor. Oh, and she's dating a drummer! Ha! She was literally made for this gig! Heather works hard to deliver the most hard hitting, bass pounding, and sweat dripping Pound Fitness workouts.


Our Yogini Queen has been teaching Yoga & Pilates for about 100 years now which is pretty incredible considering she's barely 50!

Her soft spoken and genuine demeanor will warm you up to her as soon as you hear her speak. She's full of passion and life and one thing is certain and that is that after you do her yogalates class the divine energy in her will bow to and acknowledge the divine energy in each and every one of you.


The Sarge doesn't tolerate bullshit. She is fierce, she is STRONG and her biceps are lethal weapons.

Marilyn is a retired Toronto Police Officer who has always loved all things fitness. Her retirement has allowed her to pursue her second career as a Bootcamp Instructor or "Drill Sergeant" as those who take her class might call her.


Don't let her smile fool you. She will straight up kick your ass!

Nikki has always loved training in groups since she started competitive dance at a young age. After dance, she turned to group fitness to keep active in a team setting, quickly falling in love with bootcamp and weightlifting classes.


Trisha has found strength and purpose through health, healing and fitness. Kettlebell training has been a huge part of her journey.

She's a certified Kettlebell instructor who has trained under some of the world's best. They don't call her Trisha Bell for nothing, ya know? Actually no one calls her that. We made up the nickname because we needed one and it makes sense.

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