Kettlebell Workshop Level 1 Video Series

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Kettlebell Workshop Level 1 Includes:

Video 1 – Introduction (1:43)

Video 2 – History, Safety & Handling (22:20)

Video 3 – Two Handed Exercises (43:36)

Video 4 – Single Arm Exercises (46:45)

Video 5 – Workout Program (34:14)



In this video workshop series, we will teach you how to use a kettlebell safely and properly. You will learn 15 of the most popular kettlebell exercises with progressions and regressions for beginners to advanced users. We will also give you a quick history lesson of the origin of Kettlebell training along with safety and handling, the different types of kettlebells and styles of swinging, and the benefits to the human body. This workshop offers over 2.5 hours of detailed and instructional exercise video and also includes a full workout program. This workshop is for everybody including trainers, coaches, people brand new to kettlebell or experienced users. There is something for everyone in these videos.


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